What is AzWARN?

AzWARN is a statewide mutual assistance program between water and wastewater utilities. This volunteer based network allows utilities to help one another in times of emergency when the resources of a utility are overwhelmed. The foundation of the network is a signed mutual aid agreement between all participating utilities. The network provides member utility contact information and resource listings for use in emergencies. Click here to learn more about the formation of AzWARN and the member utilities.

Why do we need AzWARN?

Water and wastewater systems provide our communities with a life-sustaining resource that is of vital importance in maintaining public health, sanitation, fire suppression and safety. When water and wastewater services are interrupted for extended periods of time, a community’s well-being quickly deteriorates and is nearly impossible to maintain. AzWARN provides critical and timely resources for faster recovery from community disasters by restoring water and wastewater service in the most efficient manner possible. A functioning water and wastewater service is one of the first indications that a community is back in order. With water and wastewater service re-established, health concerns are reduced, livability is increased, and the community can rest assured that recovery is forthcoming.

How does AzWARN help?

AzWARN provides water and wastewater utilities with:
  • A signed mutual aid agreement and process for sharing resources among water and wastewater agencies statewide during emergencies.
  • A mutual assistance program that compliments other statewide mutual aid and assistance programs and utilizes the National Incident Management System in conformance with FEMA reimbursement requirements.
  • Enhanced access to resources, to respond and recover more quickly from a natural or human caused disaster.
  • A forum for developing and maintaining emergency contacts and continued networking.

Why Join AzWARN?

Joining AzWARN means that a utility member will receive critical contact information for emergency planning and response. Membership provides access to personnel, equipment, information, and resources of other utilities for requested use when internal resources, materials, and vendor supplies are exhausted. The mutual aid agreement allows a direct and organized rapid response to a natural or human-caused emergency.

Therefore join your peers and become a member of AzWARN and become part of the water and wastewater network dedicated to keeping our communities healthy, sanitary and safe. For more information on joining AzWarn; Click here.

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